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The Congratulations Card

The Congratulations Card

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Our card packages bring a few goodies alongside them for extra joy, an essential emotion during any celebration. Whether you're honoring a graduation, job promotion, or just saying "yay, YOU!", The Congratulations helps you say it loudly. Accompanying the occasion card of your choosing are:

  • Your gift message, hand written with extra love!
  • Maisie Jane's Blood Orange Chocolate-Covered Caramels
  • a 4-oz handcrafted Joy and Hope soy candle of your choice
  • Wit & Delight "Note to Self" Linen Journal 

Our bespoke selection of occasion cards are designed by the wonderful artists at The Good Card, Apartment 2 Cards and Footnotes. Read more about each of them in our Vendor Features! 

Maisie’s Blood Orange Chocolate Caramels are here to please all tastebuds! Thoughtfully crafted, the smooth chocolate and chewy caramel are brought alive by the notes of citrus.

Joy and Hope Candles are lovingly crafted in San Jose, California with universally pleasing scents. The Sea Salt + Orchid and Santal Musk are two of their best sellers, you can’t go wrong! Each 4 oz candle provides at least 20 hours of burn time.

Wit & Delight Journals are the perfect way to write everything on one’s mind. When you look good, you feel good, and the same goes for one's thoughts!


All items come wrapped in our custom luxe greeting card-style magnetic closure gift boxes with your selected ribbon color.  


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