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We source from the most passionate artisans and brands to bring you gift packages that are teeming with craftsmanship and story to tell. Thanks to our wide array of products, we can design the perfect package any event!

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Curated gifts that feel luxe from beginning to end

We wanted to do everything differently than what already existed on the gift package market, so we set out from square one.

From our completely custom packaging, to vetting every single brand we bring in-house, each of our gift packages tell the stories of their contents as well as the artisans that make the beautiful products within them.

We choose to support small businesses and others that give back to the community at large, in a charitable manner, so that we can make a bigger impact. Call us crazy, but we believe that if you give a truly great gift, you've made a choice towards sustainability, as it's contents are more likely to be used and loved for the true lifespan of the item.

There is so much passion in every aspect of what comes in our gifts - it's wild.

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