Seven Reasons To Celebrate People on Any Day Besides a Holiday

Seven Reasons To Celebrate People on Any Day Besides a Holiday

In this day and age we are inundated with so many opportunities to buy gifts that have become distorted by excessive materialism. I don’t say this to stop your spending – but introduce intention by the times that it does occur. Much like last week’s post, this is keeping sustainability in mind. The other side of this coin is that the recipient is likely to anticipate the arrival of the gift, or at least less so, if it doesn’t collide with one of these holidays.


         The reason for sending a gift package isn’t always a cheerful one; sometimes a gift is more akin to a care package in times of grief or poor mental health. A token that says “I’m thinking of you” can make all the difference in the world. On top of that, it is something you can do for them if you aren’t nearby.


         Conversely, this also applies in times of happiness and celebration! Whether you’re near or far, people love having external recognition for their personal celebrations. Too often we get caught up in our own lives, and forget to step into the walks of our loved ones. Bestie just land a huge promotion? She’d probably love to see The Congratulations Card land on her doorstep! Coworker just propose to his fiancé? Maybe these lovely gents have an Engagement Card in their future as well! Maybe the personal win isn’t as big – maybe your mom just cracked the code on grandma’s meatloaf. Wouldn’t hurt to encourage her to keep cooking.


         Really the motto of this all is strengthening relationships. In the business world, gifts have to walk a fine line of not being too clinically devoid of personality, but not being too intimately familiar. These gifts are often sent at times of transaction, a deal closing or a promotion being given. I see this as an opportunity to change the game! Reawaken a professional relationship with a small gift, reinvigorate your team with a gesture of thanks. The more unexpected the better!


         You can use this element of surprise to encourage someone’s newfound, or rediscovered, streak of creativity! Has your notoriously bland-chicken cooking spouse found a love for spices? Some Burlap & Barrel spices would go a long way into making sure they never describe their own cooking as “plain” ever again. Maybe you take a different direction and encourage rest between spurts of creativity.


         Sometimes we all need that push to rest and relax – as we get older and have more responsibilities, we tend to spend in all of those other arenas before spending it on ourselves – especially for retreat and relaxation. Offering the invitation through an at-home spa day or a fun face mask opens the door for them to take care of themselves at a lower “work” threshold. Truly a fabulous gift.


         This gift of rest might be invited by a transition – positive or otherwise. Say a friend just welcomed a new baby, chances are they barely know how to function and feed themselves. Maybe they just moved to a new city – this is a good opportunity to offer connection to the familiarities of an old friend.


         Really what this all comes down to is the element of surprise. By not adhering to a traditional gifting occasion, the realist in me wants to point out that you get the benefit of lowered expectations, in that there are none. And truly, why do we need an occasion to celebrate each other? Nothing brings me more joy than finding a card in my mailbox from my friend Ashley – and she often does it for no reason at all, but it makes my week every time!




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