What Goes Into The Dream Client Gift?

What Goes Into The Dream Client Gift?

What Makes a Great Client Gift?



This is one of those questions that seems deceptively easy, but really gets into the territory of what to give your neighbor without letting them think you want to be friendlier than you are. In trying to gather my thoughts, I took to good ol’ Google to see what people had to say about the subject.




And I was horrified.



Many of these articles, blogs, lists, what have you, were entirely self-serving. Of course they are. I do my best to keep this impartial, but to some extent, I am promoting our gift packages. That said, there are good, but self-serving, ideas, and then there are flat out reaching-for-straw, leave it at home, don’t bother buying it, bad ideas. And that’s what I found.


I see client gifts as similar to a host’s gift – you usually don’t know them that well, but you want the gift to leave a lasting and positive impression. So the idea that many of these suggestions were solely branded items was, well, laughable. How many times have you donated that company branded jacket or tumbler to the Salvation Army? Or, if you kept the jacket, was that logo quickly covered with a cool patch from your travels? We don’t blame you. Yes, we do branded packages, but it’s not the entirety of the gift, because we believe that both the giver and receiver are more than who they work for. On top of that, we want to stop the cycle of garbage – we think that including more exciting items helps in this venture. The more exciting the item is the more likely we are to love, use and re-buy! I’d love to see our vendors grow beyond us because our customers love them so much.



What does your dream client gift look like?






At Our Favorite Things, our commitment to curating memorable experiences is reflected in our collection of thoughtfully designed and beautifully packaged gifts. Join us as we explore the art of thoughtful gift packaging, creating lasting impressions that go beyond the ordinary. Thanks for reading our first blog post! We hope you’ll come back for more.




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