Valentine's Gifts - Cupid or Human?

Valentine's Gifts - Cupid or Human?

Ah, Valentine's Day – the time of year when love is in the air, and traditional gifts are exchanged with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. But how did these timeless tokens of affection become synonymous with February 14th? Join me on this journey through the history of traditional Valentine's Day gifts.


  1. Roses: Because Nothing Says Love Like Thorny Stems

Let's start with the classic rose – the OG of Valentine's Day flora. Back in the day, poets waxed lyrical about the symbolism of a red rose, conveniently ignoring the prickly reality of handling these thorny beasts. Nothing says "I love you" quite like a bouquet that could double as a medieval weapon.


Legend has it that the rose got its romantic reputation thanks to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who favored these flowers. Little did she know that centuries later, countless lovers would be navigating carefully through a minefield of thorns to express their undying devotion – with a quarter billion roses grown for the holiday, your 82 year old neighbor isn’t the only one still giving them to his awkwardly younger girlfriend.


  1. Chocolates: Love, Calories, and Questionable Flavors

Enter the world of heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolates – the ultimate sweet surrender. Don’t get us wrong, we love chocolate, but we prefer to buy it from Hernan over at Oodaalolly. That said, did you know that these cocoa creations have a questionable origin? In the 19th century, Richard Cadbury decided to slap some cupids and roses on his chocolate boxes to boost sales. Thus, a sugary tradition was born. That’s it. Cupid didn’t want diabetes. We once again can blame the British.


While some may argue that chocolate is the language of love, others might question the wisdom of gifting a box of mystery-filled delights. Does anyone really enjoy the cherry-flavored chocolate or the one filled with unidentified goo? It's a gamble, but hey, love is all about taking risks, right?


  1. Diamonds: Because Nothing Screams Commitment Like Carbon Under Pressure

Fast forward to the more extravagant side of Valentine's Day – diamonds. Nothing says, "I'm ready for a lifelong commitment" like a sparkling piece of compressed carbon. The diamond industry cleverly marketed these precious stones as symbols of enduring love, conveniently sidestepping the fact that they are basically shiny rocks.

If only our ancestors could see us now, spending several paychecks on a small, shiny pebble. But hey, who needs financial stability when you can have a piece of Earth's crust on your finger?


  1. Perfume: The Scent of Love (or Regret)

Perfume, the olfactory embodiment of romance – or potential disaster. The history of gifting perfume on Valentine's Day is as diverse as the range of scents available. From musky to floral, the right perfume can make hearts flutter, while the wrong one might have your partner questioning your life choices.

Whether you're opting for the timeless classics or the latest celebrity fragrance, just remember – scent is subjective. Choose wisely, or be prepared for a Valentine's Day that's more aromatic implosion than love affair.


In conclusion, the history of traditional Valentine's Day gifts is a journey filled with thorns, mystery chocolates, shiny rocks, and fragrant pitfalls. As we navigate through our growth from the CVS aisles to a Nordstrom Valentine’s, let's remember that love, in all its quirky forms, is the real gift worth celebrating on February 14th. Happy Valentine's Day, you daring gift-giver, you!






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