The Valentine's Showdown

The Valentine's Showdown

It comes as no surprise to most of us that Valentine’s Day is considered to be a massive commercialization of love. Millions of candies, cards and chotchkes are exchanged – forget the estimated quarter million roses that are grown every year, just for the day. Don’t get us wrong, we love to celebrate others, but we also love the road less travelled, the gifts less given, if you will! Throughout the month we’ll continue the discussion of Valentine’s gifts that break the mold of your standard red roses, drugstore chocolates and rashly chosen lingerie.


We say all this with no judgement, but we will always sing the same tune: we love to see a positive impact made in multiple ways, with each gift we send out:

  • Sustainability: less “things” that will just be thrown in the garbage or immediately donated
  • Small businesses: being promoted on a larger platform to show off their artisan goods
  • Happiness: the element of surprise assisted by an unexpected gift. This can be in its entirety, or the contents catching the recipient off guard!


No one is saying that you have to send out all the things for Valentine’s Day, heck we don’t celebrate it in our house, but we aren’t going to stop anyone else from doing so. As my brother would say, “we won’t yuck your yum!”


With all that said, are there any strong thoughts or opinions you have about Valentine’s Day? Let us know by sending us an email at!




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