Just Romantic Love? That's Boring

Just Romantic Love? That's Boring

Why do we only celebrate romantic love? Why do we constrain ourselves?


A few day’s ago, the New York Times daily email was discussing the likability of a potential Emmy winning character. Delving into the conversation of whether the more criminally inclined characters had a shot at victory, these thoughts started to comingle with our conversation surrounding Valentine’s Day. Why do we only give the “winning ticket” to our romantic loves? While Galentine’s celebrations occasionally enter the arena, the holiday still predominantly about romantic amour.


While my husband and I would rather find a reason every other day of the year to celebrate each other, why not give February 14th as a reason to celebrate friendly love? Why not celebrate the other relationships in our lives? Just like we believe that it who you work with is important, we also think who you surround yourself is equally impactful. Celebrating those individuals helps nurture those relationships, even through time and distance.


There’s no reason why we can’t expand the definition of the holiday to better accommodate our more modernized ideals. Personally, it feels antiquated to only focus on romantic love. My friends and family bring so much love to my life – it would be shortsighted to focus on just my husband (as great as he is!). Just as St Nicolas and Christmas have morphed through the centuries, I am ok with St Valentine letting us zhuzh up his holiday a bit!


Will I expect my husband to bring home a box of chocolate and a dozen roses? Absolutely not – but I also don’t want them. I may be biased, but I’d want an OFT style gift, haha! Valentine’s Day may be commercialized but it is also a good alarm clock-style reminder to send that gift, that message to the friend across the country that lets them know you are thinking of them.


With all that said, are there any strong thoughts or opinions you have about Valentine’s Day? Let us know by sending us an email at hello@ourfavoritethingsshop.com!




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