Corporate Gifting on Fire

Corporate Gifting on Fire

For better or worse, corporate gifts leave an impact. We’ve all received those branded items that are immediate sluffed off on a younger neighbor, or immediately donated to Goodwill. Even forgetting the branded stuff, it can be quite a let-down to receive a gift that feels tacky or of poor quality. It was just yesterday I was reading through a thread on LinkedIn where people were complaining that they had a thousand and one t-shirts with company names on them, and even more things they haven’t kept for reasons we’ve all heard and said ourselves.


“Poor quality, I already have 5, I’ll never wear this, I don’t need one”



On a more positive note, people will sing the praises of a solid sweatshirt (like that one my dad passed off onto me) or a great tumbler, but the branding doesn’t necessarily raise its value.


Here are four ways to really amplify your impact with a corporate gift, while also keeping the waste and donation cycle down:


  1. Include consumables that are fairly universal! While not everyone loves chocolate (yes, those people do exist), most people do. Being a consumable, you’re not assuming a permanent place in each recipient’s home.
  2. Quality over quantity! People are more impressed by well-chosen and made items over a whole smattering of items in a box. In conversation with a friend, she remarked how her husband had been sent this tacky gift full of things that made a huge, albeit negative, impact, when it would have been much more positive in memory to have received a single bottle of his preferred Scotch, for example.
  3. Source from companies you can’t find in your local big box stores! There is value in the novelty in things and treats that people have not seen before. Small businesses are a treasure trove for this kind of thing; they pour their heart and soul into their product and it shows. A low effort way to make a high impact, both in your end gift and to the small business. Trust me when I say, they remember every order.
  4. Last but not least, ditch the branded stuff! I don’t mean all of it. Just the guts. Leave the branding on your packaging and card – effectively, put it on anything that isn’t “the gift”, like the box, the gift card, the ribbon, but try to not saddle your recipients with something that is more about the company than it is about them!


Just because branding everything is “how it’s always been done” doesn’t mean that it needs to continue to be that way! If you find yourself lost and overwhelmed by all this, just email us, we’re happy to help! 






At Our Favorite Things, our commitment to curating memorable experiences is reflected in our collection of thoughtfully designed and beautifully packaged gifts. Join us as we explore the art of thoughtful gift packaging, creating lasting impressions that go beyond the ordinary. Thanks for reading our first blog post! We hope you’ll come back for more.




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