5 Things to Consider When Picking A Good Host’s Gift

5 Things to Consider When Picking A Good Host’s Gift

        Hey there, party people! As the holiday season comes to a close, we’ve celebrated near and far, let's chat about the fine art of host gifts—those little tokens of appreciation that can make a good time even better. Forget the standard fare; we're diving into a world where gifts are not just thoughtful but also downright enjoyable. Picture this: artisan goodies, catered to your friend's taste, bringing a whole new level of personal touch. We're all about the unique and unexpected here, gifts that not only stand out but also spark cool conversations. So, buckle up as we explore the world of host gifts that are not just presents but memory-makers. Grab some popcorn and buckle up!


         A standout host’s gift will be, most importantly, specific to the recipient, personal, unique, consumable and conversation starters, more or less in that order. While it may seem daunting to hit all five marks with every gift, consider it a north star to strive for!


         Specific to the recipient: a personalized gift doesn’t mean just throwing their name or initials on it. In fact, knowing whether the recipient wants this type of gift is important! Personalization is more about whether they prefer coffee or tea, cookies or nuts! Matters of personal preference. Is there an opportunity to include a favorite color? A nod to a trip in years gone by? This makes the gift specific to them!


         Personal: the other side of the coin, this reminds the host of who gave them the gift. Like the aforementioned nod to a trip – that could have only come from you! Do you share any other memories or treat preferences? Including something like this adds a level of intimacy to the gift. While this may seem daunting if the host is more of an acquaintance, to the contrary – this provides an opportunity to add some friendship into the gift.


         Unique: Let this be where you shine! It’s Our Favorite part! While you can grab a multitude of gifts and have it be just “good”, this is your opportunity to make it GREAT. By sourcing a gift of local artisan goods, your recipient can’t find it just anywhere. This is a big part of how we choose the products we include in our gift packages!


         Consumable: As people get settled into routines and homes – okay fine, as we get older – we tend to have all of the more permanent objects that we want. An easy way to make a gift more welcomed is to include more consumables, likes teas and biscuits. One small work around to this is to include things that people tend to enjoy having more than one of, like a throw blanket! If you take a peek at A Warm Welcome, you’ll see just what we mean!


         Conversation Starters: Whether one item you include is that whacky or the combination of items tells a story, the opportunities for a chat abound! Tell them about the person who made that ceramic piece, or the chocolatier who makes that bar you included – shout out to Hernan!


         While the first two might seem redundant, I assure you they are not. Giving gifts are a two way street, catering the gift to the recipient is just as important as putting your own personal signature on it! I’d say that keeping these attributes in mind is a good first step to consistently sending or bring a great gift along! For all those times you don’t want to think about it, we’re happy to help!


         At Our Favorite Things, our commitment to curating memorable experiences is reflected in our collection of thoughtfully designed and beautifully packaged gifts. Join us as we explore the art of thoughtful gift packaging, creating lasting impressions that go beyond the ordinary. Thanks for reading our first blog post! We hope you’ll come back for more.


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